Introducing the Marbel Board

The Marbel board is the lightest, fastest, and most advanced electric skateboard in the world. The entire Marbel Board weighs in at a record setting 10 pounds. Lighter than any electric vehicle in the world.  It has enough power to go 25 MPH, will take you up to 16 miles per charge, and all of the electronics and batteries are completely integrated into the carbon fiber composite deck. On top of that, it connects with your smartphone to fully customize your riding style and even track rides on your Marbel board.

A Closer Look...

  • Weight:  10.3lbs
  • Range:  Up to 16 miles per charge
  • Top Speed:  25 mph - fully customizable with our App
  • Ride Style:  Customizable with Smartphone App (iOS + Android)
  • Incline:  up to a 20% grade
  • Frame Material:  Carbon Fiber Composite Deck 
  • Battery:  Protected Lithium Ion Battery System 
  • Charging:  From empty to full in 80-90 minutes
  • Drive System:  2000W brushless motor 
  • Size:  38″x 10″x 5″
  • Braking:  Strong regenerative electronic braking
  • Throttle Control:  Wireless Handheld Controller and Smartphone App
  • Wheels: Two size options 76mm or 100mm with ABEC 9 bearing + your choice of colors.

The Latest Updates...

Marbel Weekly Update - 7/30

July 30, 2015

This week has been a very exciting, busy and productive week at Marbel!  We have finally made some significant headway on bringing the Marbel board to our valued and supportive Kickstarter backers! On top of that, our newest members have picked up the process quickly, relieving quite a bit of...


Marbel Weekly Update - 7/23

July 23, 2015

We are excited to once again announce that the shop is running along smoothly and that shipments and progress are being made weekly.  We have some more exciting news to share with you this week.   Demos: We now have additional information on the upcoming demos in the Tampa Bay...