Meet the Marbel Board

The Marbel Board is the lightest, fastest, and most advanced electric skateboard in the world. The entire Marbel Board weighs in at a record setting 10 pounds. Lighter than any electric vehicle in the world. It has enough power to go 25 MPH, will take you up to 16 miles per charge, and all of the electronics and batteries are completely integrated into the carbon fiber composite deck. On top of that, it connects with your smartphone to fully customize your riding style and even track rides on your Marbel board.

Miles Per Charge

Downtown. Uptown. Cross-town. You now have the freedom to ride where you want, when you want. That’s instant power up to 25mph while taking you the distance of 16 miles. Unbelievably smart. Unparalleled safety.

Top Speed

Instant access to 100% power torque on demand. Our digital throttle on the remote take riders 0-15mph in 4s. With this much instant power you will be leading the pack, every time.

Total Weight

An incredible amount of engineering was required to bring the Marble Board to life. Witness a design only 24mm (less than 1 inch) at it's thickest point. This insures ultimate portability allowing nothing to get in between you and the road ahead.

90 min.
Charge Time

Every component in our electric drivetrain has been custom engineered to guarantee the entire system works smarter, stays cooler, and travels further on a single charger.

Your Ride. Your Style.

100MM Wheels

Riding on 100mm wheels is a more relaxed feel, so
you can roll over brick streets or even railroad
tracks with complete confidence. The 100mm wheels
have a slightly softer urethane compound that also
offers a bit smoother ride. Even with adding one
pound in extra weight, they still make your Marbel
lightest electric skateboard in the world.

76MM Wheels

The 76mm wheels offer a more traditional
longboard experience when carving, cruising, and
even are great for sliding. You can still comfortably
ride over most cracks and even rough streets. The
76mm wheels give you the best acceleration. If you
want the lightest and quickest Marbel Board you can
build, then the these are the wheels for you.

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The Marbel Board

  • - 16+ Miles on a single charge
  • - 25 MPH top speed
  • - Ultra Portable at only 10.3 lbs
  • - Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control
  • - 2,000+ Watts of Power
  • - Limited One Year Warranty
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